Complete Degradation

Mason and Angelina really don’t take much pity on men. They love degrading and debasing them, and the more powerful these men are in real life then the more enjoyment they take from degrading them. Like this little man, he has an important meeting to get to but the girls could care less. Instead they slap him, spit on him and blow smoke on his face. ‘Look how stupid you look’ Mason says as she slaps and spits on him mercilessly. ‘Shut the fuck up’ she yells when the slave starts to whimper too much. Not like his whimpering will make any difference, the degradation and humiliation will continue regardless. Looks like he will be missing his meeting after all. I wonder how he will explain a swollen face and spit marks all over his shirt to his co-workers…

Complete Degradation   spitting domination

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