Face Spitting 51

Slave Joschi has to crawl into the state apartment of his Mistresses Lady Glasya and Princess Blondessa. Again that means tons of ultra degrading humiliations for him and great amusement for the two godlike Ladies. Standing at attention upright on the wall Joschi has to be, once again, the laughing stock for the two young, spitting Glamour-Girls. Both of Them take turns spitting at his face and into his open mouth. Lady Glasya orders him to gather up the divine GIRL-SPIT that runs over his face with his own hands. Next She makes him licking up all the spit from his fingers. He also has to get down on his knees by Her orders to lick up some drops of Her divine spit that were falling down on the floor. Finally poor Joschi is nearly drowned in the spit of these two rich, super hot snob bitches. They spit at his face and into his mouth again and again. He has to lick up the divine spit from the floor and is ordered to grease all the spit over his disgusting, hideous face. Joschi has to suffer all this fantastic humiliations just for the amusement of these two rich, super beautiful and extremely sexy, Sadistic Glamour-Girls. MOVIE IN ENGLISH!