Food & Drink Spitting 21

Slave Joschi comes without being asked to his mistresses into the kitchen. The two Ladies eat straight blancmanges and sweets there. Joschi begs on knees around eat up because it has eat nothing already many hours got. The two let it bark in the corner like a dog only. It must imitate the barking different dogs. Lea then sticks the lid of a yogurt cup for him on his right cheek. The two sadists have fun exquisitely, laugh at it and mock it. You spit their chewed eating remains on the ground and order it to lick them from the ground. It always must meaning much to Heels between their randy High, new these down are for chunks from above, eat and the floor with its tongue’s open sweets. Lea then humiliates him with a blancmange. She boobs it spits a complete spoon of blancmange on his face and Melady the piece of cakes from the mouth directly into its face. Again and again they spit the remains from the mouth on the ground and Joschi must lick everything of the ground. Lea puts on the empty blancmange cup like a hat in this and it must like a one brownly in trouble clown in the circle turn round, and becomes angespuckt still to this bark? After that Melady further degrades it verbally on the most terrible one and spits for him with Coke. Without which down it it occurs it a banana skin on the head to leak with the shell on the head further put you, and order it. They swear at it to this again and again and it must further lick its remains of the ground. The two spit for it to and remains of a meal throw at it with zerkaute banana piece. You spit another full cargo load of their drinks for him into the face and make crumbs eat over his face dirtied totally. In dog position he must further ask to be spat at and degraded. To and the two terrible young Ladies further spit him with chocolate remains and throw blancmange at him. With the banana skin on the head he must kneeling lick the whole brown dirt sauce of the ground. Joschi has borne the humiliation by only the sight of her sexy feet into the randy High Heels around he around on the ground. It must wipe the dirt of the ground now while two are further spitting this one down her remains of a meal on it with this whole face. It continually is degraded, sworn and humiliated verbally. Melady then orders it to eat even the banana skin. With brown chocolate dirt sauce it totally coveredly already eats the banana skin its face in front of her eyes. They then still fill the face and the mouth up for it for the end with Coke.