Goddess Jessica Spits into slave’s Mouth

Here’s that was Goddess Jessica’s First Smash Hit and one of our Best Seller clip for over a year! Jessica is a real and true Goddess and she takes pleasure to bother her foot slave with her stinky feet in this clip! She makes him smell her sneakers and smother his face with her sweaty socks while sitting on his pain! She orders him to sniff her dirty socks and also lick the bottom! Jessica thinks he doesn’t have enough spit to clean her feet so she spits in his mouth several times! She needs to make sure he have enough spit in his mouth to do his job! Jessica also takes her socks off and orders him to lick the bottom of her soles! She’s really high demanding and she wants them to be cleaned! She spits in his face again and rub her stinky feet all over his face and her spit! It seems like she really have him under control in this dominant and abusing position!