Jenny and Angelina on a Spitting Card Game

Jenny and Angelina were a Little Bored and that night so they called their slave as an object and command him to lie down under the table. Angelina explains the rules of this Funny Card Game to Jenny…They both pick-up a Card at the same time…The Higher Card gives the right to the Queen to humiliate the Object under the table as she wishes! They both take off their boots and sneakers after they win a single battle of this game and rub their Sweaty, Stinky Socks on the Object! They Spit All Over his Face Again and Again to show him how to clean their Sweaty, Dirty Socks! What a Humiliation! They laught at him and Spit a tons of time on his face! They also use the Object to clean All the Shit between their Sexy Little Toes! I Never thought they could be That Mean! This Spitting Domination Clip is a Real Classic! Trust Me! Our Best Clip Ever Without a Doubt!