Krystal’s Severe Punishment

WTF? I never thought Krystal could be that cruel with me but it seems like Italian Diva go Crazy Sometimes! Maybe she did bring you in Heaven with some of her clips but she’ll bring you in HELL with that one! Krystal was mad at me for some reasons…She comes back home and caught me again with my nose in her shoes! She did show me her Empty Wallet with Attitude and Blame me for that ShiT! She slaps me in the face before she throws everything around on my face! She makes me smell her Stinky Boots before she slaps my face with them! Fuck! That hurts! I’m trying to excuse myself to calm down the situation but…You’re Sorry? You know how sorry I am? She asks before spitting on my face Several Times! She rubs her Stinky Socks on my face and makes me lick the Spit on her Socks! She makes me sniff her Bare Feet before she starts to kick my face with them! She makes my suck her toes then spit on my face again and again while she fuck my mouth with her feet! I felt like a Complete Idiot! She makes me open my eyes before she blinds me with her spit again! Incredible! There’s only one thing to say about it…Do not miss this clip! Did you hear me? Do not miss this Spitting Domination clip! That was a Real Nightmare!